The studio is currently open for hire - however this may change at any time at our own discretion depending on the direction the Covid 19 virus takes. We may close the studio at any time we see fit to ensure the safety of our staff during this pandemic.  If you book the studio and for any reason we have closed the studio on the dates you have booked. You will be fully refunded of your deposit payment.

How many people can hire the studio - At the moment the studio is open for hire at its full capacity of 7working individuals, however the following terms must comply. 7 people in the studio must be made up of one photographer and the people he/she will be shooting must be made up of one household ie: a family having their portraits taken and who are living in the same household. Other members of family or friends from a 2nd household are only permitted in the studio if they are from the same support bubble and are being photographed. Government guidance on support bubbles can be found by clicking here.  

Family Portraits - If you want to use the studio for family portraits you can as long as you comply with the rules in the above paragraph. So it will be limited to a family of 6 people maximum and 1 photographer. The family must maintain a social distance from the photographer and same vice versa.

Group Shoots - Group shoots are not currently permitted in the studio because of the potential risk of spreading the virus among more people. Also 1 photographer shooting more than 1 model is not permitted at the moment for the same reason.

Family, friends, chaperones or anyone else attending the studio to watch or give moral support will not be permitted in the studio, so please do not bring anyone along who is not working in the studio.  This policy is to try and maintain the safety of staff and clients at all times and avoid to the best of our ability the spread of Covid as much as we possibly can.  So please understand the only people allowed in the studio are the people working in the studio. If you are the chaperone who is a legal guardian of anyone working in the studio who is under the age of 18 then you will be allowed in the studio. Please do not attend the studio if you are not working or are not the legal guardian of anyone under 18 working in the studio.  

Social distancing -. All parties must at all times maintain a social distance of 2 metres from each other unless they are from the same household and also maintain a 2 metre distance from any member of staff manning the studio at the time of hire. This must be maintained throughout the duration of your stay.  Please respect this rule at all times, it may mean that one party will have to ask the other party to step back while moving around the studio or moving equipment etc.

Hand Hygiene - There is hand sanitiser on the door before you enter into the studio, please ensure you sanitise your hands first before entering the studio. There will also be hand sanitiser inside the studio that you can use while you are in the studio. If you leave the studio space to use the toilet or leave the building or for any other reason you will need to sanitise your hands before re-entering the studio area again.

Wearing Masks - We have decided to make mask wearing optional, we would advise and encourage you to wear a mask in the studio however we understand that some of you may not want to for a variety of reasons.  If you choose not to wear a mask in the studio it is important that you maintain a 2 metre social distance from everyone in the studio and also sanitise your hands at regular intervals. We do have spare masks in the studio so if you have forgotten yours we have medical grade masks if you need them.

If you are unwell - If you have booked the studio and on the day of hire you are unwell, please do not attend the studio even if the symptoms appear not to be Covid related.You will not lose your deposit, we will be able to rearrange a new date for you when you are feeling better or refund your deposit in full. If you attend the studio and you are unwell you will be asked to leave so please do not attend if you are unwell. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave our premises at anytime if they are showing any symptoms of Covid 19.

If you have any questions relating to any of the above please contact us at or you can call anytime on 01525 649647​.

Please be aware these conditions could change at any time depending on Government advice and advice from Public Health England. Our aim is to act in the best interest of our staff and ensure our customers are able to use the studio as safely as possible.

Covid 19 - Please read this important information.

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