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Images taken on studio model days are for general portfolio use and promotional use, if you require the images for commercial purposes then you need to contact the model and make any further arrangements with them.

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    Available Slots

   Slot 1 - 10.00am - 11.00am - BOOKED

   Slot 2 - 11.00am - 12.00pm - BOOKED


   Slot 3 - 12.30pm - 01.30pm - BOOKED

   Slot 4 - 01.30pm - 02.30pm - BOOKED


   Slot 5 - 03.00pm - 04.00pm - BOOKED

   Slot 6 - 04.00pm - 05.00pm - BOOKED


   Slot 7 - 05.30pm - 06.30pm - BOOKED

   Slot 8 - 06.30pm - 07.30pm - BOOKED


Mia needs no introduction but just in case you are not familiar super talented model, let me give you a brief introduction - Mia used to be an anonymous model on instagram and started to build up a very large following within the photography community both nationally and internationally, her reputation sky rocketed when word spread about her talent and creativity, it wasn't long before she started to become one of the busiest models on the national and international circuit. She recently decided to refrain from her anonymity and now shows her identity much to the delight of the photography community, and because of this it has been hard to pin her down due to her popularity making her so busy. 

 A £55 deposit is required for this event regardless of how many slots you book. Deposit can be made by bank transfer.  Please make a note of how many slots you want to book and the time your slot will start, then click on the booking button below to be taken to the booking form page.

Images by Donatas Zazirskas, Alexander Kharlamov and Ed at Photobuff

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*SOLD OUT* International Fine Art Model mia Liberum 15th June 2019

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