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Images taken on studio model days are for general portfolio use and promotional use, if you require the images for any other purposes then you need to contact the model and make any further arrangements with them.

Bardo-esque model angel is back on the 04th of May


Angel is a stunning model and without a doubt one of the best models in the UK, her uncanny resemblance to Bardot will give you an opportunity to add a fantastic looking model to your portfolio. Angel has been published in print and online throughout the world and is well recognised as being one of the UK's leading model talents. That beautiful Bardo-esque look and her seductive camera charm make for a winning combination and lets not forget her fantastic ability to pull off a vast catalogue of poses which means all you have to do is capture all the fantastic poses that this super talented model throws your way.  Book now, you will glad you did! 

Model studio days & events for the 04th of May 2019

It is easy to secure your booking for this event, please see the available slots in the table below. Choose which slots you want and simply click on the booking button below the availability table to go to the booking page. 

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​​Important Note:   The digital flyer on this page has been provided to us by the model using one of our templates. Please note: images on the flyer are not being used for commercial gain by the studio, the flyer is the property of the model and has been provided to us to help promote the models event.  All images contained in it are the copyright of their respective owners and where we are able to we have listed the names of the photographers who have taken the images. If you have any issues with any of the images displayed on the models flyer please email us info@bigshotstudio.net

    Available Slots

   Slot 1 - 10.00am - 11.00am - Available

   Slot 2 - 11.00am - 12.00pm - Available


   Slot 3 - 12.30pm - 01.30pm - Available

   Slot 4 - 01.30pm - 02.30pm - Available


   Slot 5 - 03.00pm - 04.00pm - Available

   Slot 6 - 04.00pm - 05.00pm - Available


   Slot 7 - 05.30pm - 06.30pm - Available

   Slot 8 - 06.30pm - 07.30pm - Available

 A £50 deposit is required for this event regardless of how many slots you book. Deposit can be made by bank transfer.  Please make a note of how many slots you want to book and the time your slot will start, then click on the booking button below to be taken to the booking form page.

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